Tempagenix, a woman-owned company was founded in 2016 by two friends and colleagues when they saw a need for a low cost, disposable and sustainable forehead thermometer for the consumer market. Temp-N-Toss by Tempagenix is the first all-paper disposable forehead thermometer on the retail market and is manufactured and warehoused in Dayton, OH. The strips use a proven liquid crystal technology that has traditionally been sold in bulk to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The EC supported and guided Tempagenix in attaining Intellectual Property protection associated with the thermometer, and in 2019, Tempagenix was the recipient of the Top Innovative Product Award from Kroger.

While the company continued to progress annually, they experienced significant acceleration during the early stages of COVID-19 – growing from $290,000 in annual revenues to a $3M business when easy monitoring of temperature became a pressing global need. Sales growth continues and Tempagenix plans to expand their product portfolio.

  • 3681 Vance Road Moraine, OH 45439
  • Phone: ‪937.234.7089
  • Toll Free: 800.537.2727
  • tempagenix.com