Kim Frazier

Kim Frazier is self-proclaimed to be someone who “gets bored easily,” so when she was offered the director of growth initiatives position at Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC), she jumped on the opportunity, knowing that she would never lose interest in entrepreneurs. And it’s true! From building the commercialization program with the United States Air Force Research Laboratory to helping land the Ohio Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Service Provider (ESP) program, she keeps exploring and expanding the reach and capability of the EC.


In 2018, Kim founded the Dayton chapter of VisionTech Angels and got hooked on angel investing. Since then, she’s become an angel investor herself, and she’s tackling the challenge of capital access that exists for local entrepreneurs. 

She began her professional career in Washington, DC working in international economic development before changing her focus to her own community. She is the founder and owner of Speakeasy Ramen in Springfield, Ohio and has a second restaurant in the works. 

When she’s not working, Kim is likely caring for her elderly parents and blogging about it at, practicing the fiddle, gardening, cooking, or turning her property into a food forest. She’s got goals. And poison ivy! Lots of it!

  • University of Cincinnati B.A. Degree
  • Boston University M.A. Degree
Favorite Book
  • “The Grapes of Wrath” By: John Steinbeck
Favorite Dayton Restaurant
  • Wheat Penny
What inspires you most about entrepreneurship?
  • Their fearlessness! Entrepreneurs might be afraid, but they do it anyway, and they move the world forward by doing so.