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We are a modern economic development organization that fosters and empowers the development and growth of entrepreneurial businesses right here in the Dayton Region. We are local by design, national in impact!

We’re passionate about transforming entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

After all, putting entrepreneurs at the center of what we do has always been our thing.

We put entrepreneurs first.

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) is dedicated to supporting all Dayton Region entrepreneurs who start and grow companies, create jobs, generate revenue, and attract investment! These innovators ultimately strengthen our local & national economy and make Dayton a great place to live and work. Check out the work we are doing in an effort to support our clients!

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Ringing Endorsements 

“The Entrepreneurs' Center provided me great resources during the most critical time of my start-up…… “my pre-start-up stage”.  Having an inexpensive dedicated space that I could focus on my business plan and strategy was key.  In addition, the human resources available to me during this stage was very useful.  Having access to people that had experience in business was very important and the Entrepreneurs' Center both had these people internal as well as connected me with many other people to assist me in the development of my business.”

Greg S. Smith

EC Alumni - Founder of Energy Optimizers, USA 
GSS Consulting, LLC

"The EC played an enormous role in taking our business to the next level. They provided us with essential resources including a connection to an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at the EC. Our EIR has been our secret weapon. They helped us think about what was possible and provided resources to prepare us for the exponential growth we are experiencing. Working with a WBENC certified female-run business is especially important to us! Thank you to the EC for all the support you've provided!"

Shelly Heller

Tempagenix, LLC

The Entrepreneurs' Center has been absolutely vital to just about every part of AIMM's successes and victories in our initial few years of existence. The EC has provided AIMM with graphics help, legal assistance and many other needed vital services that would be difficult, if not impossible for us to access in our early journey. Probably the most important aspect of the EC to AIMM is the access to the excellent mentorship from various members of the EC, but especially from our EIR - who is absolutely phenomenal. Put simply, from its inception, AIMM has benefited tremendously from the EC and we have been blown away by the level of professionalism, expertise and complete support from this amazing team of dedicated entrepreneurial Rockstars.

Luis Estevez


"I am so blessed and thankful for everyone that has helped us get to this point. Much to do, improve and perfect. But to be able to breathe a little is priceless. It has had many twists and turns, many blessings, and a ton learned. And I could have never done it without your help and EC/ESP" 

Chris Yancey

Perma Edge

"The EC/SBDC has been with me every step of the way. They helped me tremendously with my business plan & financing, negotiating with my builder and a year-and-a-half after we opened, they are still working closely with me to ensure my business continues to grow! I can always rely on the EC/SBDC as I work on my business needs."

Pakawan "Fon" Christman

Massaman Thai Cuisine

Dayton’s economic future depends on you!

Annually, the Entrepreneurs’ Center works with over 1,000 brilliant entrepreneurs. We drive results that ultimately strengthen our local ecosystem & economy. In order for us to do our work and invest in this community, we need your support!

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