2023: From Anxiety to Excitement

Posted by Kim Frazier on January 31, 2023

The economic climate of 2023 has been much discussed, with anxiety around a potential economic recession, lingering pandemic issues in economies across the globe, workforce shortages, inflation, ongoing supply challenges and so much more that keep entrepreneurs and business owners from sleeping at night.

And sure: if you’re looking for reasons to be worried, just open your favorite news source, and you’ll find plenty to fear. But challenging economic times are historically coupled with innovation and growth too. Entire occupations and industries can come to halt, but new sectors and job opportunities can get created too. People, businesses, and industries rethink the way that they live and do business during times of uncertainty. While the implications can be painful for the “losers,” the ones that get left behind, those that are on the forefront of solving problems can benefit from a changing world.

Those of us at the Entrepreneurs’ Center see the opportunity for Dayton entrepreneurs right now. Small business and startups are looking to solve those market pain points, offering solutions for businesses and consumers. During the past year, the newly-formed angel investor network EC Angels saw its membership double, as investors look for opportunities and impact outside traditional investments in the stock market.

The EC also sees support for the organization itself. Since landing the its first funding from the Ohio Third Frontier’s ESP initiative in 2015, the EC has grown significantly, allowing the organization to support more startups and services.

While there’s much to be anxious about, the EC and its staff see the exciting prospects that will inevitably be formed, grown, and delivered from Dayton startups and small businesses to the local, regional, and global economy. And we can’t wait to share the progress of Dayton’s talented entrepreneurs.

Kim Frazier
Executive Director, EC Angels

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