Montgomery County Launches Creative Technologies Business Grant to Bolster Innovation and Economic Growth

Posted by Anne Kane on May 2, 2024

Dayton, OH, April 9, 2024 – Montgomery County Launches Creative Technologies Business Grant to Bolster Innovation and Economic Growth. From the airplane to the electric starter to beverage pull tabs, Montgomery County has been known as an incubator for innovation for well over 100 years. Today the Board of County Commissioners approved an agreement with the Dayton/Miami Valley Entrepreneurs Center, Inc. that will work to continue that proud tradition.

The agreement will begin an initiative known as the Creative Technologies Business Grant (CTBG), which will help develop ground-breaking technologies in our region.

“Much like the Economic Development/Government Equity grants offered through the County, these grants will help attract jobs and retain growing companies that feature emerging technologies,” said Commission President Debbie Lieberman. “This is really focused on increasing the number of high-paying positions in our region, so even more families can thrive and enjoy the many benefits Montgomery County offers.”

To begin the agreement, the County pledged $150,000 for grant administration and financial assistance to businesses that meet the program guidelines. Commission financial support for this effort is committed for at least the next two years, per the agreement. 

“We strive to improve our workforce and business development in the county through ED/GE as well as improve the overall quality of life with our Community Development Block Grants, which finance things like blight removal, accessible playgrounds and other great amenities,” said Tawana Jones, Director of Community and Economic Development. “This new CTBG program is a natural extension of these efforts to improve the quality of life for our citizens, and the new grants will further solidify our innovative history.”

“We deeply appreciate Montgomery County’s support in helping our Center enhance support for technology-related businesses in the County,” said Scott Koorndyk, President of the Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC). “Our Region is home to the Air Force Research Laboratory, as well as incredible academic and corporate partners – and the CTBG program is yet another reason that Montgomery County is a great place to start, grow or relocate a small business.”

Since 2017, the EC has supported 206 startup clients and created 1,008 Ohio jobs with an average salary of more than $83,000.

About Montgomery County

Located in Ohio, Montgomery County is celebrated for its historical role as an incubator for innovation, with significant contributions like the invention of the airplane and the electric starter. The county is committed to continuing this tradition by supporting economic development and technological advancement. It prioritizes enhancing the quality of life for its residents through strategic investments in workforce development and community infrastructure. Montgomery County is dedicated to attracting and retaining companies that bring high-paying jobs and sustainable growth, ensuring a vibrant and prosperous future for all its citizens.

About Entrepreneurs’ Center

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) drives economic growth and prosperity by championing entrepreneurship. With a mission to empower innovators, the EC annually collaborates with over 1,000 entrepreneurs, catalyzing the creation of businesses, job opportunities, revenue streams, and investments. Offering a suite of professional services, including business planning, mentoring, training, networking, commercialization, and capital investment, the EC serves as a beacon for both main street and technology enterprises. Anchored by a dedicated team of advisors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and staff, the EC orchestrates world-class business acceleration programs in collaboration with corporations, academic institutions, and government entities, including the U.S. Department of Defense, from its headquarters at The Hub Powered by PNC Bank within the historic Dayton Arcade.


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