Entrepreneurs: Keep Going

Posted by Scott Koorndyk on April 24, 2020

The past month has been a challenging one for our client companies, the region’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. Being an entrepreneur requires mental fortitude on a regular day. In the days of coronavirus, it requires a superhero level of strength, grit, and perseverance. This post is for you, superhero entrepreneurs.

Whether you started your business years ago or months ago, you saw an opportunity. Something in the marketplace was missing, and you thought you could deliver a solution. Or maybe something just kept driving you toward a vision of what was possible. Or maybe you worked for someone else and knew that you could do it better.

Whatever the reason you started your business, you had a vision of what was possible. You’ve been working towards that vision for weeks, months, or years to make it into a reality.

The pandemic has no doubt shifted your thinking. Maybe it’s made your vision stronger, your purpose more clear, the market more in need of whatever it is you deliver to it. Or maybe the opposite has happened: your vision has gotten distorted by the pandemic, and you don’t think “normal” will ever return.

Whatever you’re thinking, the post-pandemic needs you. You once had a vision and a plan. No doubt that plan might need updating, but that vision is still possible. Not only is it possible, but the post-pandemic economy needs you, requires you, depends on you. What you do will matter to your community, your economy, the generations that will follow you.

Entrepreneurs are leaders — leading new ideas, businesses, job creation, trends, culture — whatever it is, entrepreneurs are at the front of it.

So keep going. Keep leading. Keep creating. Keep envisioning what success looks like to you and to the world around you. We will have a lot of rebuilding to do, and you have never been more important. How you respond to this crisis and lead through it will be felt for decades ahead.

You — entrepreneurs — are superheroes. And if you need help getting there, reach out. We’ve got you.

Scott Koorndyk

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