Primary Services

Business Planning:

Guiding entrepreneurs in implementing ideas for writing a business plan. Providing in-depth analysis of opportunities and the specific market, strategic insight, financial planning and budgeting, and coaching on goals and the importance of creating a realistic timeline for achieving them.


Advising entrepreneurs to achieve personal and professional goals, while introducing alternate ways of thinking, challenging limiting assumptions, and sharing valuable life lessons to help avoid pitfalls on any entrepreneurial journey.


Providing resources and solutions for every stage of a startup, enabling entrepreneurs to make sound decisions for the successful operation and advancement of your businesses.


Supporting creators and innovators through strategic introductions that foster an exchange of information and connections to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships that can aid in bringing ideas to life.


Unlocking the commercial potential of technology for government contract awardees. Our programs provide unique opportunities for these entrepreneurs to showcase their concepts to government and industry leaders, as well as investors, to gain valuable feedback and a strong opportunity to bring a product or service to market faster.

Capital Investment:

Grant and loan-based infusions of capital to help small businesses scale operations, meet milestones, and speed the path to sustainability.

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