Join Us May 2, 2024
6:00-9:00 pm

Don’t let the name fool youthe Gem City Grit Awards, presented by the Entrepreneurs’ Center, celebrates the synergy between two seemingly contrasting forces: Gems and Grit. With a nod to the formidable strength within each nominee, this event shines a spotlight on those who embody the resilience of diamonds formed under pressure into extraordinary facets of innovation. Join us on May 2, 2024, as we explore this intricate dance between tenacity and brilliance, revealing that even the most exquisite gems are born from the crucible of grit.

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Schedule of Events

  • 5:00 pm VIP Cocktail Party
  • 6:00 pm Guests Arrive
  • 6:45 pm Welcome from Host Gina
  • 7:00 pm Dinner is Served
  • 8:00 pm Awards Ceremony
  • 9:00 pm Networking and Photos
  • 10:00 pm Event Ends

2024 Gem City Grit Awards

Celebrate the spirit of perseverance and innovation at the Gem City Grit Awards! This captivating event pays tribute to the relentless entrepreneurs who carve their paths amidst challenges, elevating Dayton’s business landscape. The Gem City Grit Awards brings together trailblazers, risk-takers, and visionaries, underscoring their transformative impact on our community. Join us for an unforgettable evening that honors the grit that fuels Dayton’s growth, connecting luminaries and forging paths toward a vibrant entrepreneurial future.

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We’re proud to have Gina Ferraro from iHeartRadio hosting this year’s event!

Dayton’s New Country 103.9

Award Categories

The Gem City Grit Award categories will be announced in the coming weeks!

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Elevate your brand’s presence and align with the spirit of innovation by becoming a proud sponsor of the Gem City Grit Awards. As a sponsor, you’ll position your company at the forefront of Dayton’s entrepreneurial celebration, gaining exceptional exposure to a diverse audience of business leaders, decision-makers, and trendsetters. Your partnership not only supports this remarkable event but also showcases your commitment to fostering local innovation. Join us in illuminating the entrepreneurial landscape of Dayton while propelling your business into the spotlight. Explore our range of sponsorship packages and discover how your brand can shine brightly at the Gem City Grit Awards.

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Be a beacon of support and empowerment at the Gem City Grit Awards! Our ‘Sponsor an Entrepreneur’ initiative allows individuals and companies to make a meaningful impact by providing entrepreneurs in need with the opportunity to attend this inspiring event. Your generosity will not only light up their evening but also contribute to the nurturing of Dayton’s entrepreneurial spirit. By sponsoring a ticket, you’re offering more than an experience—you’re fostering connections, knowledge, and growth. Join us in creating a community where every visionary can shine bright. Sponsor an entrepreneur and be a part of their journey toward success

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The Entrepreneurs’ Center has a long history of hosting diverse entrepreneurial events, beginning in 2016 with our Catalyst Event series. We are continuing to build on that history with the 2024 Gem City Grit Awards.