Immobileyes – Revolutionizing Security with Innovative Light Technologies

Posted by Anne Kane on June 3, 2024

Immobileyes, based in Kent, Ohio, is redefining de-escalation for law enforcement, the military, and commercial security markets. The company began with an alarming personal experience. The company’s founder, Atossa Alavi, faced an active shooter scare at their daughter’s high school, resulting in a prolonged lockdown. This event prompted Atossa to seek an effective non-lethal solution for security. 

Channeling the expertise of her husband, a laser physicist and the head of AlphaMicron, the duo envisioned a groundbreaking technology: laser-emitting devices designed to temporarily impair an active shooter’s vision, giving law enforcement crucial time to respond. This innovative concept marked the inception of Immobileyes and set the stage for its mission to create safer environments through cutting-edge light technologies.

Initially, Immobileyes focused on developing eye-safe laser technologies. However, feedback from potential users, including school security officers and local police departments, revealed concerns about the perceived dangers of lasers, despite their safety assurances. 

Atossa explains, “We found out that because of their inherent danger, the idea of using ‘lasers’ didn’t resonate, even though we made the lasers eye-safe.” 

In response, Immobileyes pivoted to using eye-safe LEDs to achieve similar visual disruption effects.

“We learned that no matter how much you think your idea is great, it is critical to engage deeply with the customer and find out what they need,” the founder notes.

Immobileyes’ commitment to innovation is exemplified by their flagship products, the HALAR Tactical Light and the BLITZ non-pyro flashbang alternative. The HALAR Tactical Light, set to launch during the Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) trade show in June, is a handheld device designed for law enforcement. This device leverages advanced LED technology to create a temporary visual disruption, providing officers with a de-escalation tool to manage potentially dangerous situations. The BLITZ, another innovative product in development, aims to provide a safer alternative to traditional flashbangs. By utilizing advanced light and sound-emitting technology, the BLITZ offers a non-pyrotechnic solution that can be used in various tactical scenarios. Immobileyes is currently scouting manufacturing sites in the USA to build the next-generation prototype, with plans to test the device with police and SWAT teams by the end of the year.

Building a tech-driven startup comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in securing funding. Even with a great concept and a capable team, Immobileyes faced difficulties in attracting investors. 

“It seemed like based on the background of the team and the merit of the idea, we would be able to secure investors. Not so,” the founder reflects.

Recognizing the need for a different approach, Immobileyes pursued funding through the Department of Defense (DoD). This strategic move not only provided the necessary financial support but also granted the company autonomy and control over its projects. Navigating the DoD funding landscape presented its own challenges, but the rewards have been significant. Recently, Immobileyes was selected by AFWERX for an STTR Phase II contract worth $1.8M, aimed at developing an innovative directed energy counter-UAS solution.

The support of the Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) has been instrumental in Immobileyes’ growth and success. From helping prepare proposals to developing marketing materials and funding early engineering engagements, the EC has been a crucial partner. The EC’s comprehensive support system has enabled Immobileyes to refine its business model, sharpen its financial strategies, and articulate a clear and concise business plan. 

“Honestly, we would not be where we are without the help of EC,” the founder, Atossa, acknowledges.

As Immobileyes gears up for the launch of the HALAR Tactical Light and continues development on the BLITZ, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the security and defense sectors. The vision is for these products to become standard issue items for law enforcement officers, ensuring that every officer carries them as part of their toolkit. The upcoming OTOA event will give the Immobileyes team an excellent opportunity to get real-time feedback from prospective users. 

“I am the most excited about the launch – interacting with law enforcement officers can be daunting but also very enjoyable. We always learn a ton and I am very much looking forward to it,” she shares.

Immobileyes stands at the forefront of innovation in security technology, driven by a commitment to making environments safer through the power of light. From their early days of prototyping laser devices to their current focus on LED-based solutions, Immobileye’s journey is a testament to the importance of customer engagement, adaptability, and perseverance.

For more information about Immobileyes and their groundbreaking technologies, visit their website.

About Immobileyes

Immobileyes is innovating and developing advanced smart light technologies for security and defense applications. Founded in 2020, Immobileyes is dedicated to enhancing safety through cutting-edge solutions that leverage the power of light. Specializing in non-lethal, eye-safe laser and LED devices, Immobileyes addresses the needs of law enforcement, military, and commercial security markets. Their flagship products, including the HALAR Tactical Light and the BLITZ non-pyro flash/sound, provide safe non-lethal alternative that minimizes the risk of unintended harm while maintaining effectiveness in tactical situations. These products demonstrate Immobileyes’ dedication to understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by security and defense professionals.. Headquartered in Kent, Ohio, Immobileyes continues to push the boundaries of technology to create safer communities and a more secure world.

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