Meet the 4 Newest Startups to watch at the EC

Posted by Anne Kane on May 1, 2024

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) is deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs in the Dayton Region, providing the essential tools they need to launch and expand their businesses. Since being designated in 2017 by The Ohio Third Frontier Commission as the region’s Entrepreneurial Services Provider (ESP), we’ve led a $29.8 million initiative alongside the State of Ohio. This program, which offers mentorship, support, and financial assistance, targets early-stage technology companies. We aim to increase the technology-based entrepreneurial commercialization outcomes significantly and to focus the effort on strategic technology-based sectors that offer exceptional economic development prospects.

Building on our cornerstone of empowerment and advancement, we are excited to announce our latest additions to Prospect Academy. Prospect Academy is our training program specifically designed for up-and-coming ESP clients. This strategic initiative is a dynamic platform for aspiring members to validate their hypotheses, achieve significant milestones, and pave their path toward becoming integral parts of the ESP program. 


MetaMol is revolutionizing the field of oncology with its commitment to halting the spread of cancer and enhancing current treatment methods with innovative anti-metastasis drugs. Through rigorous research, MetaMol has identified osteopontin-C, a splice variant linked to cancer’s invasive capabilities, particularly in breast cancer, marking a significant breakthrough in the battle against metastasis. This discovery not only aids in developing precise diagnostics but also spearheads the creation of targeted therapies. By focusing on suppressing osteopontin-C, MetaMol aims to introduce new treatments that could significantly impact the survival rates of patients facing aggressive cancers. Their work is a beacon of hope, offering potential pathways to prevent cancer dissemination and relapse, thus transforming the landscape of cancer care. For a deeper dive into MetaMol’s innovative mission and groundbreaking research, visit their website

Turning Mode

TurningMode is transforming healthcare with its innovative technology for monitoring patients’ bio-signals, ensuring real-time data is seamlessly integrated into caregivers’ workflows. Specializing in decision support technologies, TurningMode enhances medical outcomes by allowing healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to patient care when it matters most. Their approach to innovation extends to illuminating and visualizing complex clinical processes, simplifying them for better patient and caregiver interaction. Furthermore, TurningMode develops portable, disposable devices for effective airway management alongside solutions aimed at improving the safety and aseptic environment for both patients and medical staff. As a hub of medical devices and life sciences technology, TurningMode is dedicated to bettering patient care through ingenuity, positively influencing healthcare outcomes. Explore TurningMode’s contributions to medical technology and their impact on healthcare by visiting their website.


Lyceum is charting a new path in educational technology by developing an LLM-based platform that centers on enhancing the capabilities of teachers within the classroom. Recognizing the invaluable role of educators as not just content deliverers but as pivotal co-designers of the learning experience, Lyceum aims to extend their abilities in unprecedented ways. The platform is built on the premise that while good teachers are masters of content, great teachers excel in understanding their students. Leveraging this profound insight, Lyceum crafts tailored learning environments that aim to optimize educational outcomes. Through this innovative approach, the company seeks to empower educators, acknowledging their unique knowledge of their students to foster ideal learning conditions. As Lyceum continues to grow and evolve, it is a testament to the power of combining technology with the human touch of teaching.

Open Bay Autos AI Inc

Open Bay Autos AI Inc. is revolutionizing the insurance claims industry by addressing a critical bottleneck: the assessment of vehicle damage. Through the application of advanced computer vision modeling, the company significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of damage evaluation processes. This technological innovation not only streamlines the claims procedure but also ensures a higher level of precision in damage assessment, leading to more accurate claims processing and customer satisfaction. By tackling this challenge head-on, Open Bay Autos AI Inc. is setting new standards in the insurance sector, demonstrating the transformative potential of AI in automating and improving traditional business operations. Their solution represents a significant leap forward in making the insurance claims process more efficient and reliable.

About Entrepreneurs’ Center

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) drives economic growth and prosperity by championing entrepreneurship. With a mission to empower innovators, the EC annually collaborates with over 1,000 entrepreneurs, catalyzing the creation of businesses, job opportunities, revenue streams, and investments. Offering a suite of professional services, including business planning, mentoring, training, networking, commercialization, and capital investment, the EC serves as a beacon for both main street and technology enterprises. Anchored by a dedicated team of advisors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and staff, the EC orchestrates world-class business acceleration programs in collaboration with corporations, academic institutions, and government entities, including the U.S. Department of Defense, from its headquarters at The Hub Powered by PNC Bank within the historic Dayton Arcade

About Entrepreneurial Services Providers Program

The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Services Providers (ESP) Program is to fill gaps in the entrepreneurial system for high-potential Ohio concept, seed, and early-stage technology companies. Its goal is to significantly increase the technology-based entrepreneurial commercialization outcomes and to focus the effort on strategic technology-based sectors that offer exceptional economic development prospects. Each ESP represents a coordinated network of high-value services and assistance providers that is visible and easily accessible to technology-based entrepreneurs and small tech-based companies. The ESP providers take an approach that tightly integrates sources of deal flow, entrepreneurial support, and capital to effectively grow the technology-based entrepreneurial commercialization outcomes. Reaching out to minority, women, veteran, and rural entrepreneurs, the program seeks to position Ohio as a leader in inclusive technology and entrepreneurship. Learn more at ESP Program.

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About Prospect Academy

Prospect Academy is a pivotal initiative within the Entrepreneurial Services Providers (ESP) Program, designed to catalyze the growth and success of up-and-coming ESP clients. This 6-month intensive program is an essential proving ground for high-potential, technology-driven entrepreneurs. Through a structured journey of validation, milestone achievement, and strategic development, participants are meticulously prepared to evolve into full-fledged ESP clients. Prospect Academy is committed to bridging the gap between ambitious tech innovators and their market realization, fostering not only business scalability but also technological advancements with a significant impact.

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