Skuld Drives a New Era of Manufacturing Innovation

Posted by Anne Kane on February 27, 2024

Imagine transforming a groundbreaking idea into a thriving business that challenges the status quo of an entire industry. This is the journey of Sarah Jordan, whose leap from metallurgical engineering to leading Skuld illustrates the raw power of innovation paired with unwavering resolve. Under Jordan’s guidance, Skuld is a testament to what happens when sustainable practices meet entrepreneurial vision.

“Starting Skuld was a leap of faith, driven by our belief in the transformative potential of our technology,” Jordan reflects on the early days of her company. She and co-founder Mark DeBruin saw an opportunity to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by addressing the prohibitive costs and environmental impact of traditional processes. Their solution? A novel manufacturing process that combines the precision of 3D printing with the efficiency of lost foam casting, promising to redefine the industry’s standards.

The turning point for Skuld came amidst the global upheaval of the pandemic. “It was a period of great uncertainty, but also of clarity,” Jordan admits. “Working at Fabrisonic, I realized the broader impact our AMEC technology could have. It’s not just about cutting costs; it’s about making metal 3D printing accessible, efficient, and sustainable.”

However, Jordan is quick to point out that the path to innovation is fraught with challenges. “The biggest lessons came from outside the lab,” she says, candidly sharing the hurdles of mastering marketing and sales alongside the resilience needed to face rejection. “It’s about learning that rejection isn’t personal. It’s about finding the right fit for your innovation in the market.”

Today, Skuld is on the cusp of a significant expansion, driven by an overwhelming demand that underscores the industry’s recognition of its pioneering solutions. “In the past 3 months, we’ve quoted over $20M in orders,” Jordan shares, highlighting the urgent need for expansion to meet the burgeoning demand. Despite the challenges posed by current economic conditions, Jordan’s optimism is unwavering. “Our technology has the potential to create a new multibillion-dollar market. We’re not just participating in the industry—we’re aiming to redefine it.”

Throughout this journey, the Entrepreneurs’ Center has been an invaluable ally, providing the support and resources crucial for Skuld’s growth. “The Entrepreneurs’ Center helped us turn our vision into reality,” Jordan acknowledges. “Without their encouragement and support, milestones like the development of our Lightning Metal system might have remained just ideas.”

As Skuld prepares to expand its new foundry and manufacturing facility to add high temperature alloys, the impact on the local economy and the broader manufacturing industry is significant. This expansion is a testament to Skuld’s growth and the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Dayton region.

Jordan’s story and Skuld’s success are inspiring examples for startups and entrepreneurs in Dayton and beyond. “If you’re on the fence about starting your own venture or taking your startup to the next level, my advice is simple: Just do it. The path may be challenging, but the potential for impact is immense.”

Whether you’re in the early stages of your startup or scaling, the EC offers a wealth of resources and mentorship to guide your journey.

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