Amy Young

Amy Young joined the Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) as Sr. Administrative Assistant in 2023, bringing a strong set of diverse professional and educational experiences.

Amy is a Michigan native, however she called Dayton home for 14 years. She recently relocated from Nashville, Tennessee where she was a Senior Administrative Coordinator at a major construction company.

Amy has a degree from Sinclair in American Sign Language and a degree from the Culinary & Savory Cooking and Baking & Pastry Art Institute of Tennessee.

  • Sinclair Community College, Associate Degree: American Sign Language
  • The Art Institute of Tennessee - Nashville, Associate Degree: Culinary Arts, Associate Degree: Baking & Pastry
Favorite Book
  • “Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter” by Josh Gates
  • “Catch Me if You Can” by Frank Abagnale and Stan Redding
  • “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire
Favorite Dayton Restaurant
  • I just moved back to Dayton after being in Nashville for 14 years. I am really looking forward to exploring new restaurants in the area. I’m always up for suggestions!
What inspires you most about entrepreneurship?
  • My father was a sign maker, and after many years he ventured out and became the sole proprietor of his own graphic design company for 40+ years. Witnessing his drive and dedication to his craft, while providing for our family of six, was truly inspirational. I shop at small businesses as often as possible, knowing every sale contributes to yet another family. Having the opportunity to assist entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and be a valued member of our community is both exciting and rewarding.