Bailey Gerardi

Bailey grew up in Casstown, a small rural town just north of Dayton, Ohio. She began her professional journey at Kids Read Now, where she played a crucial role in optimizing fulfillment center operations. Bailey managed shipments, developed efficient procedures, and maintained data accuracy, demonstrating her strong organizational and leadership skills.

She then transitioned to Mangen & Associates in Vandalia, Ohio, as a Junior Accountant. In this role, she maintained financial records, prepared reports, processed payroll, and managed accounts payables and receivables. Her proactive approach and attention to detail significantly improved office efficiency and strengthened vendor and client relations.

Currently, Bailey serves as a Staff Accountant at the Entrepreneurs’ Center, excelling in financial reporting, general ledger management, and payroll administration. Her commitment to ensuring organizational efficiency and accuracy has made her a key asset to the team.

  • AS in Liberal Arts from Sinclair Community College
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Bird watching
What inspires you most about entrepreneurship?
  • The idea that anything you can think of could become a reality that you can build. Humans are unique in that we are naturally creative and curious creatures. We strive to build and think of ways to make things "better" for ourselves. Entrepreneurship is a modern way we can continue to be those curious and creative creatures, but actually make something of it and share it locally if not with the whole world.