Mike McCann

At Entrepreneurs’ Center, Mike leads efforts to engage and connect innovators and entrepreneurs across the region.  Mike has more than a decade in venture development advising entrepreneurs, and launched or led numerous programs and support networks.   Most recently, Mike led market & business intelligence and innovation partnerships, working with innovation and R&D executives at Fortune 1000 companies, public entities, and research institutions.

Mike began his career working in operating roles at venture-backed high-growth companies, leading analytics, project management, and professional services teams at various stages.  Mike’s entrepreneurial journey started in junior high school as a caddie, teaching the value of early mornings and building on- and off-the-course relationships.  

Mike lives in the Dayton area with his wife and two children, spending time at t-ball, swim practice, and soccer games.

  • The Ohio State University MBA, 2011 BA, History, 2007
Favorite Book
  • "Seeing Around Corners" by Rita McGrath
  • "Leadership and Self-Deception" by Arbinger Institute
Favorite Dayton Restaurants
  • Amir India
  • Thai 9
  • Old Scratch Pizza w/ the kids
What inspires you most about entrepreneurship?
  • I admire entrepreneurs for what they take on starting and growing a business. They start at zero and have tremendous odds stacked against them, and they work tirelessly to find and address so many risks along the way. But it’s not just about solving important market problems. When founding team builds a company and scales it, they hire a team that doesn’t just build a product and support customers - those employees build lives and support their families in ways that can transform our communities.