Will Foster

Will Foster joined the Entrepreneur’s Center (EC) as Portfolio Manager, overseeing a diverse portfolio of over 90 tech start-ups and supporting nearly 20 EIRS. Alongside this role, Will is actively engaged in various entrepreneurial ventures with a background in fitness and lifestyle coaching, food service, and project management.

He co-owns Revolution Group Fitness, a popular gym in Lebanon, Ohio, and The FEniks Project, a personal training business dedicated to promoting well-being. He also founded Quantum Foam Initiatives, a company that offers strategic planning, consulting, and project management services to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs.

At the heart of everything he does, Will embraces empathetic leadership, conscious capitalism, and a deep passion for improving the community. Furthermore, as the dedicated project manager for the Dayton Q+ Youth Center Project, he spearheads the anti-suicide project, working towards creating a safe and affirming space for Q+ youth and allies.

When not working, Will enjoys running, lifting weights, and exploring Dayton’s incredible food scene with his fiance, Lauren. His commitment to making a positive impact is woven into both his professional endeavors and personal pursuits.

  • Wright State University, BSE Sports Science
Favorite Books
  • LOTR Series by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • "The Art of Quiet Influence" by Jocelyn Davis
  • "Confessions of Sociopath" by M.E. Davis
Favorite Dayton Restaurants
  • SueƱo
  • Jollity
  • Grist
  • Sprouting Dreams
What inspires you most about entrepreneurship?
  • What I find most captivating about entrepreneurship is the opportunity it presents to introduce completely novel concepts to the world. What makes it even more fulfilling is the potential to create a positive impact and offer diverse employment opportunities to others.