The Entrepreneurs’ Center Quarterly Update

Posted by Scott Koorndyk on April 2, 2024

One of the best parts of my role at the EC is the opportunity to get to know the incredible entrepreneurs who call our Region home—and wherever I can, to help bring their visions to life. For my first update of 2024, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the 6888 Kitchen, a remarkable organization that I am proud to support. It’s led by three fierce female founders who have dedicated themselves to helping food entrepreneurs live out their dreams. 

First, a little background on the challenges food entrepreneurs face. Did you know that 60% of restaurants or food businesses fail within the first year, and about 80% fail in their first five years? For the team at the Entrepreneurs’ Center, those statistics are crushing. We believe, and the Founders of the 6888 Kitchen believe—that support programs for food entrepreneurs can help them defy the odds. 

And that’s exactly where the 6888 Kitchen comes in—and the name of the organization tells you everything you need to know about its incredible Founders.

In World War II, our men and women in uniform didn’t have email, smartphones, or FaceTime. They needed letters from home to lift their morale, but the Army was terrible at delivering that mail. Until March 4, 1945, when the 6888th Central Postal Battallion was formed. Under the command of Major Charity Adams, a Dayton resident, the “Six Triple Eight”, an amazing group of 855 women of color took on an almost indescribable task. In damp, poorly lit warehouses without heat, they worked seven days a week to deal with more than 2 years of undelivered packages and mail. They faced discrimination and mistreatment. But they completed their job in just three months.  

That was 1945. But that same sense of selfless leadership, commitment, passion, and vision is alive today, and it’s personified in the Founders of the Kitchen: Charlynda Scales, Jamaica White, and Dabriah Rice. 

Under the leadership of these amazing Founders, the 6888 Kitchen Incubator was developed from a simple concept to a cutting-edge facility for under-resourced food entrepreneurs. 6888 Kitchen provides affordable access to critical commercial kitchen space and business support services, giving food entrepreneurs exactly the resources they need to build a successful business. The Founders are all entrepreneurs themselves, so they understand what it takes, and they understand how to support the amazing food entrepreneurs that will flourish in their program. The 6888 Kitchen opened its doors to its first food entrepreneurs in March 2024.

As I said, these Founders are fierce, smart, and visionary. They reflect the very best of the community and the very best of the entrepreneurial community—not just In Dayton, but anywhere. With their collective talents, they could be doing anything—but they’ve chosen to give their time and talents to others.

When you are next at the Arcade Innovation Hub, be sure to check out the 6888 Kitchen (it’s right across the Rotunda) or take a look at their website. If you are interested in joining the Kitchen and turning your dreams into a reality, contact the founders at [email protected] or 937-203-0802.

It’s these kinds of entrepreneurs that make the Dayton Region special. Here’s to their success—and yours too!


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