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Posted by Anne Kane on March 25, 2024

Struggling with the inefficiencies of traditional wet wipe canisters is a common frustration. Consider the experience of Chris Danis, the founder of Wet Wipe Wizard, who, twelve years ago, encountered these very challenges during potty training with his grandchild. This sparked the inception of Wet Wipe Wizard, a revolutionary solution to enhance cleanliness and convenience. Founded in 2019 by CJD Innovations LLC, Wet Wipe Wizard stands poised to revolutionize hygiene routines. The Journey of bringing the product to market is marked by one observation: The accessibility of wet wipes should match that of dry toilet paper. 

Wet wipes are a staple in many households, but their dispensing process often leaves much to be desired. Traditional canisters are bulky, wasteful, and not always easily accessible. Wet Wipe Wizard significantly improves user experience with its patented design. 

As the founder says, “Dispensing wet wipes in the bathroom or on the baby changing table can present a challenge. Either the wipes are too far away, or several are dispensed when only one is desired.” 

Wet Wipe Wizard solves this problem by offering a device that dispenses a single wet wipe with the push of a button. Whether attached to existing toilet paper holders or placed on countertops, cleanliness is now within reach. Plus, its lightweight, recyclable cartridge adds a sustainable touch to your routine.

Bringing Wet Wipe Wizard to life has been a journey of perseverance and community support. From securing patents to developing a professional website, the Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) has played a pivotal role in guiding CJD Innovations LLC through the process. 

Danis reflected, “Going from idea to a patented product, the journey is not linear, nor is it quick.” 

In 2021, CJD Innovations was accepted as a client into the EC’s Entrepreneurial Service Provider (ESP) program. Upon acceptance into the program, Danis was introduced to an Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) who provided valuable guidance and structure throughout the collaboration. Danis worked with his EIR to develop branding and a website. His EIR also introduced him to key professionals such as patent attorneys. 

“The most valuable insights I gained from my EIR were to stay the course and continue to make progress. This process can be a lonely road to travel, but the continued check-ins with my EIR made me articulate what progress we had made, and that was invaluable.” Danis stated.

In 2022, Wet Wipe Wizard completed their prototype and brought it to the 2022 World of Wipes conference in Chicago. The conference validated the product’s viability and reliability and marked a significant milestone from idea to prototype. However, the product was a prototype and had not yet been brought to market. Potential customers eagerly inquired about the availability of the product. However, central industry players sought proof of commercialization before considering licensing. 

Now, you can join Wet Wipe Wizard’s journey by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. With functional prototypes ready, the campaign aims to raise funds for production and demonstrate commercial appeal. 

“We had two very important goals in launching a crowdfunding campaign,” shares the founder. Raising funds necessary to move the product into production in 2024 and showing that the product has commercial appeal. A successful campaign will address both goals,” says Danis.

Innovation thrives on community support, and Wet Wipe Wizard is no exception. Your interest and contribution can make a difference in bringing this revolutionary product to life. 

“We have heard from major national companies that they liked our product but wanted proof of commercialization before devoting any effort to make it a reality,” shares Danis. “We think a very successful campaign will show that there is a commercial market for this product.”

 Visit the Kickstarter campaign page today to learn more and pledge your support. 

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