The 7 Newest Startups to Watch at the EC

Posted by Anne Kane on February 29, 2024

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) is deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs in the Dayton Region, providing the essential tools they need to launch and expand their businesses. Since being designated in 2017 by The Ohio Third Frontier Commission as the region’s Entrepreneurial Services Provider (ESP), we’ve led a $29.8 million initiative alongside the State of Ohio. This program, which offers mentorship, support, and financial assistance, targets early-stage technology companies. We aim to nurture these tech entrepreneurs, helping them transform their innovative ideas into thriving businesses that contribute positively to our local and national economies.

Building on this foundation of support and growth, we are excited to announce the seven latest additions to our portfolio. These new members reflect our unwavering dedication to fostering local startup development and furthering the Dayton Region’s economic progress.

Valerio Solutions

Valerio Solutions pioneers cutting-edge accountability software specializing in real-time location tracking (RTLS) within distribution centers. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and camera technology, Valerio’s solution optimizes shipment fulfillment efficiency. Their innovative approach integrates blockchain technology, ensuring secure tracking and preventing GPS spoofing. You can learn more about how Valerio Solutions is transforming distribution center operations at their website or LinkedIn page. 


ARMA is at the forefront of innovation in the advanced materials sector by revolutionizing disposable gloves with second-skin technology. Their innovative solution, compatible with a precise application device, ensures quick and effective protection within 20 seconds. This groundbreaking technology offers unparalleled protection for skin, fabric, and objects from the external environment. ARMA’s approach promises a versatile solution for various applications, from personal protection to industrial and recreational use. You can learn more about ARMA at their LinkedIn page. 

Sensate Biosystems

Sensate Biosystems is a pioneering company in the sensors industry dedicated to developing cutting-edge medical and wellness biosensing solutions utilizing innovative aptamers. Recently, Sensate Biosystems secured significant funding through TVSF in January 2024, enabling the advancement of their proprietary techniques in structural biology and biosensor technology. This funding will facilitate the development of sensors capable of detecting stress, fatigue, and other low-abundance biomarkers, focusing on applications in human performance monitoring. Sensate Biosystems aims to translate its platform into innovative wearable sensors catering to military personnel, athletes, and health-conscious consumers. Explore more about Sensate Biosystems and their groundbreaking technology at their website

The Science and Engineering Corps (The Corps)

With a history as a consulting firm, The Science and Engineering Corps (The Corps) is gearing up to unveil a groundbreaking thermoregulation product tailored for various sectors, including the Department of Defense (DoD), outdoor recreation enthusiasts, firefighters, and first responders. The Corps has secured significant funding to launch this innovative product, designed to combine the durability and adaptability of a MOLLE-compatible hydration pack with the cooling capabilities of a cold-water therapy system. Headquartered at The Hub in Dayton, Ohio, The Corps is committed to revolutionizing the market with its cutting-edge solution. Learn more about The Corps and their transformative product at their website


CapV, a leader in the advanced materials sector, has pioneered patented varactor technology, revolutionizing the field with software-tunable microchips. These innovative CapV chips dynamically adjust to optimize bandwidth usage, catering to the ever-growing demands of wireless technology. With a focus on Telecom and Department of Defense (DoD) markets as their primary targets, CapV’s technology also holds immense potential for applications to IoT, autonomous vehicles, and beyond. As a Propel Dayton shared client CapV is poised to make significant strides in enhancing connectivity and efficiency across various industries.

Green Zero Energy

Green Zero Energy leads the charge in the energy sector by pioneering the development of the most reliable and resilient generators worldwide. Their state-of-the-art steam-powered generators boast unparalleled versatility, running efficiently on any fuel, including waste fuel, while emitting minimal pollutants. With a remarkable efficiency rate double that of traditional diesel generators, Green Zero Energy’s generators offer a vital solution for today’s uncertain times marked by fuel shortages, geopolitical tensions, and environmental concerns. Green Zero Energy is committed to providing backup power solutions that safeguard families and businesses. In 2023, Green Zero Energy won the Crowd Favorite award at Startup Week’s pitch competition. Learn more about Green Zero Energy’s transformative generators and their positive impact on the world at their website or LinkedIn Page

Nabu Optical Systems

Nabu Optical Systems is at the forefront of innovation in the Advanced Materials sector, spearheading the development of a cutting-edge tool, ANU, for optical lithography. Currently, in its beta 2.0 stage, ANU utilizes non-traditional photoresists and lenses to enable low and mid-volume manufacturing for nanotechnology applications. This revolutionary tool addresses a significant challenge faced by startups and corporations alike, offering a solution to accelerate speed to market through rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. With a broad target customer base spanning high-power electronics, pharmaceuticals, AR/VR, and contract manufacturers, Nabu Optical Systems is poised to make a profound impact across various industries. As a Propel Dayton shared client, Nabu Optical Systems is committed to driving innovation and efficiency in manufacturing processes. Explore more about Nabu Optical Systems and the transformative potential of ANU at their website.  


About Entrepreneurs’ Center

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) drives economic growth and prosperity by championing entrepreneurship. With a mission to empower innovators, the EC annually collaborates with over 1,000 entrepreneurs, catalyzing the creation of businesses, job opportunities, revenue streams, and investments. Offering a suite of professional services, including business planning, mentoring, training, networking, commercialization, and capital investment, the EC serves as a beacon for both main street and technology enterprises. Anchored by a dedicated team of advisors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and staff, the EC orchestrates world-class business acceleration programs in collaboration with corporations, academic institutions, and government entities, including the U.S. Department of Defense, from its headquarters at The Hub Powered by PNC Bank within the historic Dayton Arcade


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About Entrepreneurial Services Providers Program

The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Services Providers (ESP) Program is to fill gaps in the entrepreneurial system for high-potential Ohio concept, seed, and early-stage technology companies. Its goal is to significantly increase the technology-based entrepreneurial commercialization outcomes and to focus the effort on strategic technology-based sectors that offer exceptional economic development prospects. Each ESP represents a coordinated network of high-value services and assistance providers that is visible and easily accessible to technology-based entrepreneurs and small tech-based companies. The ESP providers take an approach that tightly integrates sources of deal flow, entrepreneurial support, and capital to effectively grow the technology-based entrepreneurial commercialization outcomes. Reaching out to minority, women, veteran, and rural entrepreneurs, the program seeks to position Ohio as a leader in inclusive technology and entrepreneurship. Learn more at ESP Program.

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